Current DISC ONLY Media listings on my Media Zing eBay account (eBay id: media-zing).

Do you miss getting DVDs in the mail from Netflix? Looking for an alternative? My new eBay account Media Zing (eBay id: media-zing) is devoted to selling DISC ONLY media (DVDs, Blu-rays, HD-DVDs, & VCDs) at low prices so you can continue getting that Netflix feeling without the hassle of returning the disc!

All Used Media is tested and 100% Playable!

Shipping by eBay Standard Envelope delivery and can take up to 16 days to deliver, though it’s usually within 10 days.

Upgrade to USPS Media Mail with tracking for $3 per order.

Orders of 4 or more ship via USPS Media Mail.

Right Now on eBay Used Disc Only Media